Customers are the main entity in sales module, there are number of benefits you will gain if you could track your sales by customers. It is very easy to create a customer even when you create a new invoice from Sales screen. Also you have facilities to manage your customers from Back office. You could find below features when you manage customers.

  • Manage Companies or individual customers
  • Customer Categories to track similar customers.
  • Credit customers with Credit Limits and Max Due Days (With or without in-hand cheques)
  • Tag a Salesman to a customer.
  • Manage customer Loyalty Points
  • Customer Discounts
  • Customer Grade (Related to item price levels by grades).
  • Keep track of Customer Telephone, Address, Email, NIC, Loyalty Card Number and etc.
  • Ability to capture customer opening balances for outstanding or as overpayments

You can create any invoice for the customer, if the customers do have outstanding credit invoices, they can make the payments later using a different screen.

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