Debtor payments is a screen which enables you to make payments for the customers who have purchased from you as credit sales. In this special screen, you will find all outstanding invoices and their details. You can simply select one or more invoices or enter any amount that the customer is willing to pay, and select which invoices you are going to settle in which amounts before completing the payments. Once you are done, you can collect the payment with the same types of payment receiving options you have with invoices.

  • Bill to Bill or Bulk Invoice Settlement
  • Receive payment by any payment method
  • Debtor Receipt generation for Debtor Payment
  • Settle from customer overpayments or returns.
  • Ability to make debtor discounts
  • Option to make overpayments directly
  • Option to refund back to customers who have overpayments
  • Option to settle for a single customer or for the entire company.

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